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June 10th 2024


We're excited to announce that you can now edit OG Meta Tags on URLR!

With this update, you can now customize the title, description, and image that appear when you share your short link on major social networks. This enhancement is designed to help you optimize your shared content for better engagement.

Starting today, this feature is available on the Starter plan. Don’t forget, you can try it out with our 14-day free trial! πŸ˜‰

Why are Open Graph tags important?

People are arguably more likely to see and click sharedΒ content with optimized OG tags, which means more social media traffic to your website.

There are three reasons forΒ this:

  • They make content more eye-catching in social mediaΒ feeds.

  • They tell people what the content is aboutΒ at a glance.

  • They help Facebook understand what the content is about, which can help increase your brand visibility through search.


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June 6th 2024


We are excited to announce a new feature that allows you to configure a redirect URL for the root of your custom domain. This improvement ensures that your visitors only stay in touch with your brand and allows you to better control their experience.

If you already have a configured domain, you will find this new setting directly in its options.

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June 3rd 2024


We're excited to announce that URLR now supports WebExtensions for both Firefox and Chrome! πŸŽ‰

You can now shorten your links directly from your browser without having to visit URLR.

Download the extension for your preferred browser from the link below:


The extensions will be upgraded with new features (custom short code, etc.) in the near future. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think!

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May 30th 2024


Link labels are now displayed on the following link-related pages:

  • QR Code

  • Statistics

  • Edit

They are also still visible on the link dashboard. This improvement makes it easier for you to identify the link you are working on.

This change was asked by a user, showing how valuable your input is to us. Let's keep making improvements together! Feel free to share your ideas for further enhancements at

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April 4th 2024


Now available from our Starter plan! 🌟

Gain invaluable insights into the hourly distribution of clicks on your links.

With this powerful feature, optimize your campaign timing like never before.

Discover the prime moments to engage your audience and maximize impact.

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March 18th 2024


Redirect your visitors to different destination URLs based on their location.

Available now starting from the Pro plan.

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March 6th 2024


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new homepage for URLR! ✨

With this update, you'll notice a plethora of design enhancements aimed at providing a more intuitive user experience and emphasizing the clarity of our value proposition.

But that's not all – accompanying this redesign is the introduction of a time-saving new feature:

πŸ“‚ Automatic selection of your most recently used folder

So that if you regularly use a folder with a custom domain, it will be used by default.

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February 20th 2024


Thanks to a few optimizations, on February 19 we reduced the response time of the reduce-link API endpoint by 5, from an average response time of 1000 ms to 200 ms.

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February 1st 2024


Following our announcement yesterday of new SDKs, we're pleased to announce a new one!

We now have a Python SDK:

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January 30th 2024



Our SDKs are now automatically generated from our API.

The PHP SDK has been rewritten and bumped to version 1.0.0.

And we are really happy to announce that we now have a JavaScript SDK :

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